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  • The Bead Bar

    The Bead Bar

    Big news ladies and gentelmen! We here at Barton Street Studio are excited to announce The Bead Bar!

     Have you ever wanted to make your own necklace? Well now you can! Come visit us at Barton Street Studio and check out the Bead Bar for yourself! 

    At the Bead Bar at Barton Street Studio, youll be able to choose the beads you want, the colors that you love and the material to string the beads on. Wether you want large beads made of wild colors on a long legnth of fully adjustable leather cord, or, a shorter set of colorfull beads strung on sterling silver, the Barton Street Studios Bead Bar has got you covered. 

    PS. Please call before droping by. 289-442-5111

    20 Barton Street East Hamilton, ON